02 2014

InViewer goes alpha!Developing Group, 27th of February 2014

Since the development of InViewer started about 5 days ago, we can already announce that the program went into alpha state!

- file name is shown in window title
- delete key = delete file, home = first image in dir, end = last image in dir
- website link moved in '?' menu
- convert menu moved in 'File' menu
- added icon to supported formats
- button added to flip the image vertically
- save bug fixed (everyone who has a problem with the save function, please contact me via email!)
- support for 5-key-mouses added, also for scroll wheels (only scrolling through files, no zoom function for now)
- pause or resume animation added
- windows starts in same size as last time (may be deactivated in settings)
- show every image in original size function improved
- webbrowser added (open images online)
- save function added
- copy opened image to clipboard function added
- thumbnail function improved
- switch to fullscreen and back with f11
- choose background color in settings (standard bg color is now white)

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