05 2016

UpdateStefan Wobbe, 26th of May 2016

Version 1.3 was released.

There was a huge update-bug in the last version, which caused InViewer to ask for an update (to 1.2) every start, although it was already updated to 1.2. You could disable this in the settings, but now the bug was fixed and you can enable autoupdate again, if you disabled it.

I've got many feedback from you (thanks!), and you asked for a portable version, so now here it is. It does not touch any Windows local files, instead it saves all settings in a "settings.xml".

There are also a few minor improvements, like the WebM support, which isn't experimental anymore, and the "save window position" function, which was pretty complicated to use, and also it had bugs.

Unfortunately, I have to say that with the installation of 1.3 all settings will be deleted (as in 1.2.1), so you have to apply them again. Sorry for that, but now, there's a new settings-module, which will be compatible to all (mostly, I hope) future InViewer versions.

raw changelog:
- settings module fixed so the settings will be compatible to future versions of InViewer
- webm support improved and tested
- portable version added
- save window position function fixed

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