08 2016

UpdateStefan Wobbe, 18th of August 2016

Version 1.4 released.

The new version of InViewer includes a bunch of new features, like a function called 'advanced menu'. This menu allows you to include your own programs or third-party apps into InViewer. You can now include Microsoft Paint in it, for example:
example image

A new function is also the new interface to set InViewer as the standard opener for various media files, now including third-party extensions: flac, aac, ogg, mkv, flv, ogm, webm. To use these formats properly in InViewer, it's recommended to install the K-Lite Basic Codecs.

Apart from the new features, there are also few optimizations, like the completely revised settings window and a new 'first-use' window, to set some important settings directly when InViewer is started for the first time.
Also, some bugs were fixed, as you can read in the raw changelog below this text.

raw changelog:
- delete button added to toolbox
- deletion improved, image stream is no more resetted when deleting an image
- restart animation button deleted from menubar
- fixed icon scaling bugs
- improved rename function
- implemented first-use window for better usability
- settings dialog completely revised
- support for advanced codecs added (k-lite basic codecs)
- new interface to set inviewer as standard program
- fullscreen optimized
- 'advanced menu' added, allowing the user to create his own menu
- bugfix: when closing settings window the initializing image was loaded
- new designs added and revised

Update 1 (21st of August, 2016)
- bugfix: GIF functionality restored

Update 2 (20th of October, 2016)
- bugfix: portable version failed to start when settings arent initialized
- bugfix: when closing settings window the initializing image was loaded

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